Weather forecasts

Approved and recommended sites.

BBC forecast Swanage - top site

Live local weather

Live weather at the end of Swanage Pier


Hydrographic office Swanage - (Easytide)
Moon phases for Swanag


Useful pages

Frank Singleton's Weather and Sailing Pages
RYA - Maritime safety information page

Other sites

Windguru - windguru is not recommended because the free version is not as accurate as windfinder. i.e. lower resolution; 50km instead of 12km for windfinder, and lower  frequency of update. The free higher resolution forecast on windguru has a 12 hour delay.



Due to the number of people sailing on non racing days, we have produced a complete set of tide tables. These are displayed at the Club by the sign-on sheets. Actual wind & tide at the pier head is also available on the Club LCD screen.

Note that the BBC weather site is now preferred over Windfinder. Weather forecast quality was tracked for both in 2015 / 2016 and the BBC comes out on top.

Why it's important to read the tide graph

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