House Duties self allocation period – now till end March 2019

I’ve started the self allocation period for house duties for 2019, so please look out for the mail from Dutyman.

What’s the self allocation period? Help!

All members must do two house duties per year e.g. a Bar or Galley (kitchen) Duty. Duties are managed from Dutyman for which you will have a login, (note this is a separate login to the membership portal).

Self allocation is where you can self assign duties during a window of the next three weeks. After that time Dutyman will auto assign duties to you, people usually find it better to choose their own dates. Dutyman has sent all members an email inviting them to self assign duties.

Action: Please look out for the Dutyman mail, visit the self allocation form and sign up.

Note: this is for all duties through till the end of December and any duties already signed up for in Jan-March will count to your two duties.

Also, if you’re good with Dutyman: There are also some duties looking for volunteers in March not on the self allocation form, which you can volunteer for from the Dutyman website, and these need picking up first. Please help with that.

Need help? see the FAQ, contact: