Duty Volunteers needed for 22nd Dec and Jan 2020

1. Help needed for this Sunday 22nd December

We need some duty help for this Sunday. If you haven’t done a Duty yet in 2019 and can help in the bar and galley please volunteer in Dutyman or email: webmaster@swanagesailingclub.org.uk . This is the quietest Sunday of the year.

According to Dutyman, at least 100 members have done no duties of any kind in 2019, so please step up if you are able.

2. Please start signing up for 2020 Duties

I’ve created the first duties for 2020, so members can start volunteering. Please volunteer in Dutyman or email: webmaster@swanagesailingclub.org.uk and I’ll make the assignment.

The plan for 2020 house duties is to have three sign up opportunities. The first is now, another will be for duties up to the start of the season and then self allocation for April to December 2020. As always, please don’t wait, sign up or volunteer as soon as you can. The off season weekends are usually quieter.

3. Club opening times over Christmas

There is no Sunday lunch on Sunday 29th December.

Weather providing, there is a Boxing day sail at 11:00 on 26th December.