Virtual Racing Sunday 12th April 11am

At 11am Sunday morning Doug Horner will set up a race on virtual regatta for club members using the access code viewable on this members only page or here on Facebook.

It will be 4 races back to back and Doug will keep track of results and give an overall day winner.

Courtesy of Kemp Sails, the winner will receive a bottle of wine (this excludes Doug and Sam Whaley, sorry Sam but you already win everything). Quite how this bottle of wine gets delivered we will work out.

Whoever wins the bottle of wine this Sunday, whilst will be obviously able to race the following Sunday, will not be able to win the wine for a second time. That way no one can horde all the prizes. Hopefully that makes sense, so sign up to Virtual Regatta (inshore) and get practicing.

It’s a completely free game to sign up to and play and only takes a few minutes to get the hang of.

How to join SSC’s custom races

If you wish to take part, go to the Virtual Regatta website, select ‘Custom Race’, then ‘Join’ and you will be asked for an access code which is on this members only page or here on Facebook.