The New Normal. An update and request from your Rear Commodore.

I am sure Covid has had an impact on all of you and how you go about your daily lives. It has also had an impact on many aspects of how your Committees run the Sailing Club in a way that tries to get back to a new normal but recognises the importance of providing you all with a safe place to enjoy your leisure time.

As Rear Commodore I have responsibility for the clubhouse including bar and galley as well as the outside spaces excluding the beach. It is in these areas I need your support please.

Volunteers. Many of you will be aware we have now reopened the bar and the galley. New Covid procedures have been put in place to allow this and to keep both volunteers and members as safe as possible. They are both open Tuesday and Thursday evenings as well as Sunday lunchtime. This has been so far possible as a small group of you have kindly have provided your assistance in running the bar and galley. We have now reached the stage where we need more than just those few to help so I am putting out this request for volunteers.

If you volunteer to help in the bar you will be given full training. If you volunteer in the galley you will be guided by Steve our chef and again shown exactly what to do. Typically a session in bar or galley will last no more than 2-2.5 hours. If all members helped just once or twice a year we would have most sessions covered. If you are able to help you can volunteer either by signing on to Google sheets (link below or visit – Organised Sailing 2020 ) or if you prefer you could email or ring me on tel 07860 298233).  Any help will be much appreciated by me personally but also by all members enjoying usage of the club.

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Security.  Perhaps as a consequence of schools closing and adults working from home we have been seen a significant increase in petty vandalism and unacceptable behaviour from non-members trespassing on our boat park, beach and clubhouse. The Police are doing what they can and we are trying to do what we can to support them and protect ourselves.

We have upgraded out CCTV to the latest HD cameras covering the boat park, the beach and much of the clubhouse. This has already proved helpful in providing photographic evidence to the Police.

We have upgraded the door entry system by replacing the card based swipe reader with a modern proximity fob based system. The new system lets us monitor when and who enters the clubhouse and allows us to cancel any lost fobs to ensure only members have access to the club. This of course only works if members (YOU) close the door every time you enter or leave the building. The CCTV shows this is not happening so to prevent more theft and vandalism PLEASE remember to close the door EVERY time. Thanks. If you have not yet got a fob just ask next time you are at the club and one of the Committee will programme one for you. If you haven’t remembered your fob or haven’t got one yet and need entry to the building you will find a fob in the key safe. Details of combination to that are available by asking anyone on the Sailing or Management Committees.

We are hopeful that we will adapt the car park gate to be operated by the same fob but in the meantime we have to rely on the padlock. PLEASE can you close and padlock the gate EVERY time you use it to help us make the club a more secure place.

Road Trailers. Limited space has meant we have never allowed Road Trailers to be stored at club. Not withstanding that number of you have left trailers at the club and by doing so have blocked off the bike racks. More and more of you are now using bikes to get to the club so we really need the bike racks to be available. As such I have been authorised by the Management Committee to remove and dispose of all the road trailers left, without authorisation, at the club. If one is yours could you please remove it immediately or contact me telling me why you cant.

Greg Vaughn

Rear Commodore SSC 21/8/20