Winter Berthing 2020/2021

Key Dates

  • 15th October – notify Berthing Officer Mike Cemm about your intentions for winter berthing.
  • 27th October – deadline to remove boats, kayaks, SUPs, Windsurf boards.
  • 28th October – Winter Berthing invoices will be raised and are payable for boats not moved.
  • 1st November – Boat move and beach clean.

Note: Removing boats after 28th October will not result in cancellation of the invoice.

Key Contacts

It’s time to keep all our boats safe for Winter

Here’s how you can help /what you need to do

Winter storms cause waves and debris up to the clubhouse…

We need to move all the front row of boats to avoid damage.
Please, if you can, help us by taking home boats, kayaks, windsurfers and paddleboards. 
Please can you do this before October 27th.

After Boat move and beach clean on 1st Nov. We will get a contractor to build a bund to protect boats and the club from winter storms.
On a couple of occasions we have had to move all boats into the car park, so fewer boats is best!
All members with craft at the club please continue to read and take action…


It’s time to prepare the beach for winter and we need your help to do this safely and effectively.

NEW EARLIER DATE to remove craft before Beach Clean and Boat Move.

Deadline to remove boat/Kayak/Paddle board/Windsurfer: – Tuesday 27th October.

If members are unable to move their craft, they must make contact with Greg Vaughn before the deadline c/o

CRAFT REMAINING AT THE CLUB will be listed on Wednesday 28th October and that list will be used to create invoices that will be sent out, with instructions for payment included.
Removing boats after this date will not result in cancellation of the invoice.

THE BEACH CLEAN AND WINTER BERTHING BOAT MOVE is at 1000-1230 on Sunday 1st November 2020.

WINTER BERTHING PAYMENT is £40.00 per boat/kayak/paddleboard/windsurfer, and invoices for winter berthing will be sent via the Sailing Club Management system to be paid online.

PLEASE REMOVE all boats, kayaks, windsurfers and paddleboards not being berthed over the winter before 2300 on 27th October 2020. 

WINTER SAILING BERTHS are available for members intending to sail over the winter period. These will have best access to the slipway, so please let the Berthing Officer know by 15th October if you require a winter sailing berth.

PLEASE WRITE your surname on boat, boat cover, kayak, paddleboard and windsurfer so it can be read when in berth or rack space, this makes the boat move team’s job much easier!

Q.   If I remove my boat after 27th October but before next season starts can I pay pro rata?
A.  No. Full rate applies
Q.  I have several kayaks/canoes on one rack – do I pay per rack or per boat?
A.  You need to pay £40-00 per craft not per rack
Q.   I have a ground berth, but have sailed fewer than 10 times in 2020, can I still have a winter berth?                   
A.   Due to COVID-19 in 2020, this rule will not be applied for winter berthing this year
Q.  I keep a boat under my catamaran – do I still have to pay for the small boat?
A.   Yes, winter berthing is payable per craft
Q.  How do I pay if I can’t pay online? 
A.  Email Greg Vaughn on to agree an alternative payment method
Q.  I am unable to move my craft due to COVID-19 vulnerability. What do I do?
A.  Contact the Berthing Officer before 15th October 2020 so help can be organised before the deadline     
      of 25th October. c/o 07732 703033

Many thanks
Mike Cemm

Berthing Officer, Swanage Sailing Club 
3 October 2020