Urgent Response to Storm Damage

Immediate next steps – 4th Oct 09:30

Sunday 4th first post storm sort out.

We need some help moving stones and some boats tomorrow. 0930 for a hour or so. Bring gloves and wet weather gear as raining again!!!

Following that – the plan

Further to the extensive damage to beach and boat park caused by the storm of last Thursday/Friday, there are a number of steps we have to take before any boats can return to the beach area.. There are 100s of tons of stone on the north end of the beach and under racks. The stone will need to be moved by JCB then by hand from under the racks.

To get the JCB to the beach we need help to get access so over the next 4-5 days. We need to clear a path.

  1. Mark Groome will use our digger to clear the main slipway of rocks etc. The rocks on the cat berthing area will need to be moved by hand down the beach or put in the diggers bucket.
  2. Cat owners and helpers can then repair cat berthing areas and move cats into berths were possible.
  3. While this is being done it would be helpful if anyone can remove their boat from the car park or start parking them so a JCB can get through. The picos and any rackable boats could be put in the rack behind the club house to get them out of the way.
  4. When there is a path through to front of the club house. If you can get to your boat and take it away that would be great.
  5. I will post beach rock move tasks and clean up times later but hope to have work parties on 10th and 11th October to get the final tasks completed Thanks again for getting all the boats off the beach.

Mike Cemm
Berthing Officer, Swanage Sailing Club 
3 October 2020