Message From Your Vice Commodore – COVID Update Nov 6th

Dear Members

Further to the introduction of the new Coronavirus restrictions brought into force on 5 November, and currently remaining until 2 December, it is necessary to close the sailing club in its entirety for this period. This decision has been reached following our attendance at the RYA webinar on 4 November in which the RYA’s lawyer explained how the new law would be applied to sailing clubs. This has now been discussed and approved by the SSC Covid committee with input from additional members.

This means all facilities are closed with no access to all facilities. This includes:
• clubhouse
• toilets
• balconies
• boat park
• slipway.

This prevents taking place, on or from all sailing club areas, any:
• sailing
• kayaking
• windsurfing
• paddle boarding
• swimming.

It is disappointing that this is the case, especially as all of these activities can continue from a public beach or slip.

I hope that on 3 December access to the boat park to allow individual, unsupported sailing will be able to resume. This, I think, will depend on the ‘Tier’ individual members and the sailing club are in at that time, and the details of each tier at that time.

Essential access is, though, allowed for activities that cannot safely be deferred till after this time. For instance, risk of a mast falling down due to near shroud failure. In such events, please apply to the management committee to record permission for this. The Rear Commodore will keep a record of this. (See footnote for contact details).

However, the club cannot accept responsibility for the exact interpretation in each case and it would remain the individual’s responsibility to comply with the Act.

Access is being allowed for the Bosun, Cleaner, and Rear Commodore to enter the club premises to continue their essential work maintaining the clubhouse, along with some other contractors as needed.

For the continuing security of clubhouse and facilities including boat park and beach, we also do have access to webcams during this time of low usage.

I will let members know the club’s plans for 3 December and beyond as soon as available.

Please email or WhatsApp any concerns to me and I will try to help. (Contact details below).

Very many thanks

Jason Clark
Vice commodore, Swanage Sailing Club
Email: (I’ll forward to Jason or I can pass Jason’s mail address)
WhatsApp: contact to request Jason’s phone number

6 November 2020

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