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Updated 25th June 2018.

This website was initially set up in October 2017 using the open source software WordPress which I migrated to from Drupal 7.

I used GeneratePress as the theme which was child themed for a few modifications and the following plugins are in use.


Plugin Purpose
WP Super Cache Speeds up pages by caching them
Jetpack Adds a whole host of functionality from galleries, social media sharing, contact forms, stats, super fast images, SEO tools, more widget control, mobile theme, security and more.
Safe Redirect Manager To take care of redirecting pages from the old site URL structure to that in this new site. Important to preserve SEO and keep bookmarks working.
Tiny MCE Advanced Adds more functionality to the editor such as being able to add tables
SSC Members My own plugin to make the members section with members only pages and a generic shared login work. If you’re interested in setting up a private WordPress site, check out Chris Hardie’s blog post on the topic.
Openclub CSV Another of my own plugins to display CSV data and present it in different ways. I use this to display data from the sailing programme, events, duties and safety teams. The idea being that club members can manage data from spreadsheets, send to me and a simple copy and paste will display the data nicely on the site. Similarly, I can just export duty man data and copy and paste into the site (having first removed personal data).
SSC Mods Another of my own plugins to add modifications that a sailing club would need, for example listing race results. And listing a sailing programme.
Download Monitor To handle member only and public downloads. There is a bunch of content that is members only.
Very Simple Event List To add events with locations and display them in various places, e.g. in the sidebar or on a main page.

The site also has a shop which will be re-activated when we start taking members’ fees for the 2018 season. This shop is also built on WordPress and uses the WooCommerce system which is a plugin. The shop was used in 2017 with great success.

Related projects

Project Purpose
Openclub CSV See above
Sailwave results importer Extract results from Sailwave generated HTML files and import to a MySQL.
SSC Generatepress child theme The theme this site uses.


If you’d like help setting up your own Sailing Club’s website, feel free to get in touch.


Swanage Sailing Club

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