Social Volunteering

Dear SSC members,

As Swanage Sailing Club members we enjoy our sailing, but also are a community where friendship goes well beyond the excitement of the wind and water.

In these difficult corona virus days some of our members may find themselves in situations where they need a little help to cope and at these moments will often feel happier to turn to friends rather than to anonymous strangers. At the same time there are, I am sure, SSC members who would be happy to help if they knew that such needs existed.

With the agreement of our Commodore and the Management Committee I propose the formation of a group of volunteers from the Club and link them to needs of other members notified to me.

Stage 1

To begin this process I am asking for members who would like to take part as volunteers to contact me by email at

Volunteers must be at least 18 years old as they will have to take full responsibility for their own health and safety while responding to a call for help.

The volunteer group will be managed through a WhatsApp Group so they will need to have access to this service on their phones. On receipt of a request for help I will send a WhatsApp message to the group and the first person to send an affirmative reply will take responsibility for the task.

As when we sail, individuals must take responsibility for their own safety, maintaining social distance and not entering into any situation which they feel to be dangerous or with which they feel uncomfortable. If the situation warrants it, they should contact the emergency services directly.

Stage 2

Once 10 people are on the list as volunteers (to ensure a good coverage) I will have a second message circulated informing members of the various ways they can contact me with requests for assistance.

Tony Land

Opener Supper 14th March 2020

We are limiting this to 50 members.
Please book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!

How to Reserve

You can only reserve tickets for this event by emailing: Hazel Cemm. Please mail and I will forward the mail to Hazel OR see her email address on the members only flyer. (link below).

The cut off date for reserving tickets is, 1800 on Tuesday 10th March.

Please notify Hazel when reserving a ticket if you have any special dietary issues.

A polite reminder from the Management Committee.
If you have reserved a ticket and subsequently can’t attend.
Please first email Hazel ASAP as there is maybe a waiting list.
If your ticket can’t be reallocated then The Management Committee will expect you to pay in full as there are expenses for each event that need to be covered.
Many thanks for your understanding on this matter.
From Management and Social Committee

View the supper menu and booking information below (log in)

Opener Supper March 2020 Menu and Booking (4 downloads)

House Duties self allocation period – March 3rd – March 22nd 2020

I’ve started the self allocation period for house duties for all of 2020, so please look out for the mail from Dutyman. Ideally add to your e-mail contacts.

What’s the self allocation period? Help!

All members must do two house duties per year e.g. a Bar or Galley (kitchen) Duty. Duties are managed from Dutyman for which you will have a login, (note this is a separate login to the membership portal).

Self allocation is where you can self assign duties during a window of the next three weeks. After that time Dutyman will auto assign duties to you, people usually find it better to choose their own dates. Dutyman will send all members an email inviting them to self assign duties.

Action: Please look out for the Dutyman mail, visit the self allocation form and sign up. Find it here:

Note: this is for all duties through till the end of December and any duties already signed up for in Jan-March will count to your two duties.

Need help? see the FAQ, contact:

February – March 2020 house duties available for sign up.

I’ve just added Feb-Mar duties to Dutyman, please volunteer choosing the earliest available dates. Members need to do two house duties per year and the off season weekends are typically quieter.

When the sailing programme is ready in March, I’ll open up all duties till end 2020 for self allocation. In case of problems, mail:

Tuesday Night Social Evening 7th Jan

Sign up now for 7th Jan, 7pm – all welcome!

Throw off the Christmas/New Year stupor and join the Tuesday nighters for a fun session to get our bodies ready for sailing again.

Joe Shepherd will lead a gentle session focused on flexibility and agility. Then we’ll hit the bar and share a meal! Please come in loose fitting clothing, tracksuit bottoms/shorts and t-shirts/sweaters, although anything comfortable will do (avoid jeans). If you can bring a mat and/or towel. This will not be strenuous, we promise!

If you want food, please sign up using the Google sheet to be found on the SSC Members’ Facebook group.

Duty Volunteers needed for 22nd Dec and Jan 2020

1. Help needed for this Sunday 22nd December

We need some duty help for this Sunday. If you haven’t done a Duty yet in 2019 and can help in the bar and galley please volunteer in Dutyman or email: . This is the quietest Sunday of the year.

According to Dutyman, at least 100 members have done no duties of any kind in 2019, so please step up if you are able.

2. Please start signing up for 2020 Duties

I’ve created the first duties for 2020, so members can start volunteering. Please volunteer in Dutyman or email: and I’ll make the assignment.

The plan for 2020 house duties is to have three sign up opportunities. The first is now, another will be for duties up to the start of the season and then self allocation for April to December 2020. As always, please don’t wait, sign up or volunteer as soon as you can. The off season weekends are usually quieter.

3. Club opening times over Christmas

There is no Sunday lunch on Sunday 29th December.

Weather providing, there is a Boxing day sail at 11:00 on 26th December.

AGM 23rd Nov, ASM 24th Nov 2019

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See also the 2019 RYA survey files.

RYA Swanage Sailing Club Survey 2019

The results are now available, and show SSC to have a Customer Satisfaction Rating of 85%, slightly above the average of 84% for all sailing clubs in the survey. The commonest word used to describe the club was “Friendly“.

95 members took part, so the response rate was 25%. We will repeat the survey next year, and encourage all members to take part. In most areas satisfaction was high.

The key areas where satisfaction lagged a little behind deemed importance were:

  • Access to water, mooring and launching facilities
  • The club’s attitude to its impact on the environment
  • The club meeting your needs as a member
  • The club making you feel like a valued member

Survey Report files

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RYA 2019 Member Survey Comments (anonymised) (9 downloads) Members only

This file needs no login.

RYA 2019 Survey Results (71 downloads)