Powerboat Level 2 Training

Powerboat 2 Training – SSC have 2 places available on 2 two-day weekend courses. If you would like to attend one of these two weekends (8/9 Feb or 29 Feb/1 Mar) to acquire Powerboat skills  and the PB2 qualification, which would enable you to helm a Safety Boat, for the purposes of SSC safety cover or RYA training, please contact Alan Gould on alanpgould@live.co.uk . This course is provided free to club members, in the expectation that the skills will be put to good use at Swanage Sailing Club

Bart’s Bash – drifting on a glorious day

Bart’s Bash at Swanage raised £130 for the Andrew Simpson Foundation
A big thank you to all who volunteered to help at Bart’s Bash: Adrian for organising, Doug and the Safety Team, the Beach Volunteers; Sue Barnes for registration and receiving donations, and Jenny Piesse who wasn’t needed for scoring in the end, as the wind let us down on this occasion. Thank you to all the crew of the 20 Boats who made it out to the glassy Bart’s drift, and for your generous donations, and those of others, to a very good cause. Hattie F won the sailing watch in the draw; we now expect her to be hitting the start line even more punctually. We’ll all appreciate wind more in future!

Bart’s Bash

The Series Race on Sunday 15th September at 1100 will be sailed as a single start race, and the results incorporated into the Bart’s Bash international results, as well as scoring for the autumn series. We hope to get as many sailors as possible, of all standards, participating in the race, for which there will be prizes for first place, first Junior and first Adult Trainee. There will be a briefing at 1000.

It is hoped that entrants will make a small contribution to the Andrew Simpson Foundation charity, whose fundamental ethos is to “facilitate a wider participation in sailing, and to optimise the benefits that the sport can deliver to young people and ultimately to society at large. Importantly, we seek to be as inclusive as possible by encouraging participation to children and young people from all backgrounds, and catering for a range of physical and educational abilities”. Contributing to the charity will constitute an entry into a draw for a £75 Gill sailing racing watch.