Duties FAQ

How to I log in to Dutyman?

Visit the Dutyman website. The login is different to this website and the username will be the email address that you have given us.

I have lost my Dutyman password, what do I do?

Reset your password from Dutyman, we cannot give you a new password for Dutyman.

What is a House Duty?

A house duty is helping either in the bar or galley (kitchen).

Why have I been allocated a House Duty?

The club is run by members for members and all active members and parents of active Junior members are required to do two Bar or Galley duty each year. Please indicate your preference for Bar or Galley and Thursday / weekends on your renewal form. If your circumstances change and you are not able to do duties then please e-mail or write to the Membership Secretary explaining your change in circumstances.

What time do I need to turn up for a house duty?

Sunday lunchtime duties: 11:45

Thursday evening duties early race start: 19:30 
Thursday evening duties later race start: 20:00

The times will also be in the email reminder from Dutyman.

I can’t figure out Dutyman, help?

Please contact: dutyman@swanagesailingclub.org.uk

I’ve been allocated a Bar or Galley Duty for the first time – who do I contact if I need help?

The Dutyman e-mail will give you the name of the Team Leader for the month and their contact details – please check with them for information and duty times. New members will normally be on duty with more experienced members so don’t worry!

If I volunteer for a duty, does that count to my two per year?


I can’t do the Bar or Galley Duty that I’ve been assigned – what do I do?

It is your responsibility to do your duty or arrange a replacement .

Please try to find someone to swap with using Dutyman. If this proves unsuccessful or you prefer to phone around, then telephone other members on the rota. The current month’s rota is displayed in the Clubhouse. You can also find telephone numbers by logging onto Dutyman or looking at the membership list in the Clubhouse. If you have a last minute emergency or need advice please call the your team leader. Details will be in the Dutyman reminder mail.

See How to swap in  Dutyman

I’ve been allocated a bar / galley / safety duty on a day of the week when I’m not available. What do I do? 

Please arrange a swap for the duty currently in the rota using Dutyman.

See How to swap in  Dutyman

My e-mail / telephone number has changed – what do I do? 

1. Log in to Dutyman if you have not already done so

2. Choose Profile from the menu

3. Follow the on-screen instructions

Also please notify the Membership Secretary if you have changed your home address as well.


I’d like to receive e-mails at different addresses (e.g. home and work) – can I do that? 

1. Log in to Dutyman if you have not already done so

2. Choose Profile from the menu

3. Follow the on-screen instructions and add second e-mail in Alternate Email field.

Please note that Alternate Email is for your own use to receive copies of duty reminders and other automated emails. It is not published elsewhere within Dutyman.


Why am I not receiving e-mails about my duties?

A combination of two possible reasons:

  1. You aren’t set up in Dutyman as a user, contact: dutyman@swanagesailingclub.org.uk to have this set up.
  2. Dutyman mails are landing in e-mail spam. Add donotreply@dutyman.biz to your email contacts.