How to Renew Membership Online – January 2019

Log in at the membership website ( ). If you haven’t received your login details, please check your junk/spam folders. If you still can’t find them, please email me and i will get them sent to you as soon as I can.

You should see a menu on right hand side. Please carry out the following steps, in order – i have put the menu options relevant to each step in bold. Remember to click “SAVE” at the bottom of the page or else you will lose any changes you have made

My Profile

  1. manage all your personal data, including contact details, privacy settings
  2. scroll to the bottom to view/edit “DPA – images” which should have either “Granted” if you approved this last year or “Not Granted” otherwise. This is how we can track who has granted permission for images to be loaded to publice facing parts of our website for promoting the club.

My Information

  1. view summary contact detail for all the members in your group.
  2. click on “update their details” to enter the “my profile” page for the member you selected to manage that persons details.
  3. see a list of your boats. by clicking on the boat you can view and edit its data

My boats

  1. view a list of your boats and view their berthing allocation
  2. add a boat – but then you need to contact the Betthing Officer to confirm a berth is available and to have one allocated to you.
  3. the crew finder option is not functional at present (I think!)

My Berths / Space

  1. view a list of all the boats and berthing allocations for your group of members



  1. you can delay renewals on thiis page if you wish to go back to check or edit data simply by not selecting the actions to renew or to not renew.
  2. click on the button to select “renew” for every member in your group, unless they do not wish to renew membership, in which case please send me an email to confirm resignation(s) The renewals shown are only those that fall due on 1st Feb. 2019. All other memberships will continue automatically:-
    1. Life Members – the system has to have a finite period of membership, so i have selected a data some 130 years in the futere.
    2. 15 year membership renewals next arise in 2026 or 2027. I have had to create two types of 15 year memberships as a result – 15 year_26 and 15 year_27.
    3. Honorary Members
  3. Berthing – for each boat in your memberhip group, either opt to renew the summer berthing or to remove your boat from the club.
  4. Lockers and outboard motor lockers – scroll down to the bottom of the page to check if you have been billed for these.
  5. Unpaid fees (boat hire, winter berthing or books) – again, please check at the bottom of the page wheter any of these have been billed to you.



Please pay the sum due by BACS or by Cheque to “Swanage Sailing Club” with your surname and the invoice number as a reference. Please note that we have changed bank account – please contact the if you need these details.


Cash is not accepted, and we have not implemented a card payment portal on the website at present.

How we contact you:-

I hope to minimise the need to print renewal letters in future by sending the renewal notices by email for as many members as possible. Please let me know by email or letter if

  1. You want no further contact from the club or to resign from the club
  2. You want to receive renewals by letter and I will print off and send you the renewal notice.

How Berthing charges are calculated.

Ground berthing fees are calculated in the same way as before: ground berthing is charged based on a cost per square meter, multiplying the overall boat length and beam to calculate an area. The dimensions are almost all taken from a library of dinghy data withing the new system. Ground berthed boats smaller than a Laser are charged the same as a laser. Racked boats are charged a fixed rate for a whole rack space – but kayaks occupy half a rack and so are charged half the price of a full rack. Mike Cemm as Berthing Officer allocates berths to boats whether racked or on the ground.

The new system rounds the calculated costs to the nearest penny, rather than the nearest pound as we have donehistorically.


Alan Stephen

Hon Membership Secretary

Swanage Sailing Club