Next Sailing Events

19/07/18Summer Evening Series 6 of 71900A
21/07/18Knoll Cup - Studland Bay14008
22/07/18Summer Series 6 of 711009

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Please Volunteer for House Duties

Duties needing volunteers

26/08/2018, 1145, Galley
26/08/2018, 1145, Bar
02/09/2018, 1145, Galley
09/09/2018, 1145, Galley

See all unassigned duties.

If you look on the right, you’ll see a new panel showing upcoming house duties that don’t have members assigned. There’s also a new page giving an easy view of unassigned house duties. I’ll update this one a week.

Please all members volunteer for house duties, you need to do two per year. Upcoming duties in red are priority and need volunteers first. It’s easier if you self select duties but if that fails, I’ll assign them to members randomly.

Don’t know how to volunteer for a duty?

See this help page for instructions. It’s just a few clicks and there’s also a FAQ page.

Don’t forget to confirm both house and safety duties too, click to see how.


Upcoming House Duties

When I published house duties this week there were some duplicates which I had to remove. Please check the upcoming duties on the website or on Dutyman.

You should only have to do two duties, if you see yourself down for more, please get in touch:

There are still a number of duties seeking volunteers and I will try the volunteer route before allocating in the next weeks.


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