Sailing Programme

COVID-19 / Return to Boating

Due to the coronavirus measures, the club house is not fully open at present, the sailing programme is suspended but we are starting a cautious return to sailing. Read more.

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Important Information about the revised SSC Racing Program August 22nd

After the success of the first Cup race, we plan to continue with Sail Racing on Sunday Mornings for the rest of the season, provided that we have enough volunteers to provide safety cover.

We welcome new entrants to racing, and anyone who is an intermediate sailor should be able to join in. As established racers we believe we are a friendly bunch of sailors keen to see others enjoy racing, which as well as being the best way to progress your sailing skills is great fun! Please talk to an established racer or contact Richard Miller (Safety Team Coordinator) on 07887 870694, Mike Cemm (Chief Instructor) on  07732 703033 or Rob Baker (Sailing Secretary) on 07742 115101 if you have any queries about racing or volunteering for a safety duty. If you enjoy racing, or are keen to see what happens out there on the water, please volunteer for a Safety Duty if you are willing and able (but we do understand if COVID-19 concerns prevent you doing so).

Safety Team Composition

We would like Dart 18 volunteers to provide the core of the safety team for one Sunday in three.

We would like Handicap and Laser volunteers to provide the core of the safety team for two Sundays in three.

Seven is the recommended number for a team (three dual-staffed safety boats, and one beachmaster), but the race may go ahead (as Coordinator/RO decision) with only two dual-staffed boats in suitable conditions, provided that safety is the priority.

All able SSC member volunteers are welcome, and RIB driving and rescue experience can be gained under the supervision of a PB2 qualified helm if wished, but no previous experience is needed as there will always one qualified helm on the safety boats.

All volunteers sharing a safety boat with someone outside their social bubble needs to sign-up (one time only) to the Consent tab on the Google sheet

The Google sheet (Organised Sailing 2020, for which there is a link on the front page of the SSC website) can be used to sign up as a Safety Boat volunteer, including the on-the-water Coordinator (usually someone with Race Officer or Deputy RO experience) and shore-based Beachmaster roles. The sheet can also be used to sign up for racing as indicative numbers for the race are helpful for planning.

Race Format (for races from 30 Aug onward)

Dart 18s to start 3 minutes before the Handicaps / Laser combined fleet. 

Dart 18s can have their own start if 2 or more boats (eg there may be some “spare” Dart sailors on a Dart based safety duty race). If only 1 Dart-18 it may race with the Combined fleet, but must be aware that it might not get included in the results (dependent on the technical skills of the Scorer from the Safety Team, as it may need to be a separate entry from its  Dart Fleet racing mode).

Each race’s results to be published

Sailwave Scoring system will be set up as an Autumn Series (as this is the easiest way for it be done). But as it won’t be a “fair” series (in terms of OODs, duties, and some possible two-boat races amongst Darts) we don’t plan to award any trophies for it. Just competing and seeing your results should be enough this year!

Race Dates

(Sun 16 Aug: Lee-Elliott Cup and Kemp Sails Trophy, was run by Dart 18 based safety team)

Sun 23 Aug: Portman Cup (for Dart 18s only), staffed by Handicap/Laser based safety team (if cancelled, to be rescheduled to Sun 6 Sep)

Sun 30 Aug: Race staffed by Dart 18 based safety team

Sun 6 Sep: Race staffed by Handicap/Laser based safety team

Sun 13 Sep: Race staffed by Handicap/Laser based safety team

Sun 20 Sep: Race staffed by Dart 18 based safety team

And so on…….

Enjoy your sailing (if you are currently able to sail), and stay safe on and off the water!