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Home / Sailing / Berthing rules 2021

Berthing rules 2021

Spring to Autumn berthing is 1st April to 31st Oct, and Winter berthing is 1st Nov to 31st March. These dates can vary by a few days to accommodate boat moves and beach clean days.

Spring to Autumn berths

Ground berths are particularly in short supply so there are rules and conditions that apply through this period please read Section 2.

Berthing charges are detailed in the membership pricing area of web site and will vary depending on boat size or rack space required. The berthing invoices are sent out at membership renewal time or during the season if a new berth is requested.

Winter berths

Winter berths are restricted as all the front row of boats nearest to the sea need to be removed and a bund build to protect the remaining boats from winter storms. Detailed winter berthing forms are sent out at the end of September so requests can be organised before the Autumn boat move and beach clean.

Any craft left at the club after the published cut off date (usually a few days before boat move and beach clean) will be invoiced for winter berthing. There is no minimum number of times sailing rule for winter berthing and members are asked to fill in a request form with type of berth required ie sailing or non sailing so appropriate berths can be allocated.

Section 1. General berthing rules and conditions

Members at the annual ASM meetings asked the sailing committee to ensure the berthing rules were applied to all members and to be strict on non conformance.


You must have insurance cover for all Craft i.e. Sailing boat, motor boat, kayak, paddleboard, or windsurfer used or kept at the Club, this includes third party liability for not less than

£2,000,000. No insurance would lead to personal liability for any incident.

Berthing is not allowed without a current sticker prominently displayed on the craft, plus the following must be marked indelibly with the owner's surname so it can be read when berthed: Boat, boat cover, trolley, kayak, paddleboard ,and windsurfer.

This rule is absolute. Craft without a valid berthing sticker and additional identification above may be removed to an off site storage facility at the owner's cost and risk.

General berthing rules and conditions

Craft berthed on Sailing Club land must be in a seaworthy condition

Craft berthed on Sailing Club land must be in a seaworthy condition, and boats kayaks and paddleboards must be adequately secured against prevailing conditions.

The berthing team must be informed before any boat changes. Members will be required to make a fresh application if they are changing the size of boat and type of berth required.

The Management Committee reserves the right to impose a £50 intervention fee for securing boats neglected by owners.

Your allocated space and the craft in it are your responsibility. Ensure that both are kept clean and tidy. The Club does not provide any storage space for road trailers.

Under no circumstances shall emergency exits, or access to the bin storage area be blocked at any time'?

Abandoned craft will be dealt with in accordance with current RYA recommendations.

From time to time we may need to secure craft to prevent them from being washed away or from damaging other craft or property. Whilst we are willing to do so, the Club reserves the right to charge the craft owner, where we feel that they have not complied with the berthing rules.

Berth owners must check for adverse weather conditions and make sure their craft is secure in strong winds, and if easterly gales are forecast with spring tides, must move craft away from shoreline berths. Weather alerts are posted on Members Facebook.

The Club beach and area surrounding the Clubhouse are available for Club Members use, typically for car parking and dinghy storage, but it is a limited resource and shall be managed by the Management Committee with all the members in mind. Any member wishing to make additional or unusual use of the area, for example out of season moored boat maintenance, should in the first instance inform the Management Committee in writing, detailing the area required, what it is needed for and how long it is needed. Each request will be considered on its merits. The Management Committee will inform the requesting member of its decision and any charges that it sees fit to impose.

Section 2. Spring to Autumn berthing rules and conditions

Members guests can accompany a member on their craft a maximum of 6 times in a year and only 3 times in a 3 month period, but they cannot borrow a member's craft. They must be signed in the guest book and conform to guest rules. Guests can pay for day temporary membership if they wish to use a member's craft. Members must insure craft for guests use.

Ground berths - for more information click here

Ground berths are in short supply and are only available to regular sailors so please make sure you can comply with usage rules. If you only sail in summer months we have rack space and summer ground berthing or club boats available for hire.

1. Ground berth owner must be the member that sails the boat and sail 10 times minimum and must sail each month of the sailing season (April Oct). If you have been unwell for a long period or may have plans or major problems through the year that will restrict your sailing, please let the berthing officer know so the berthing team can review your case and find a solution.

2. A member can apply for a maximum of 2 ground berths but must sail both boats as (1.) If one of the boats is rackable the berthing team may request the second boat is racked if there is a waiting list for ground berths or the member is not following rule 1.

3. The Berthing team will review every berthing application and agree berth position or no berth. If there are any issues they will be presented and discussed at next SailCom meeting by one of the berthing team.

4. Members that boat share need to register both sailors at beginning of season and both meet rule 1.

5. Rackable ground berth boats that have not met rule 1. will be placed in rack berth.

Rack berths - for more information click here

Rack berths are available for boats, Kayaks, paddleboards and windsurfers.

1. Rack berth owner must be the member that uses their craft 6 times minimum during the season (April Oct).

2. A member can apply for a multiple rack berths for different craft as long as there is space available.

3. The Berthing team will review every berthing application and agree berth position or no berth. If there are any issues they will be presented and discussed at next SailCom meeting by one of the berthing team.

4. Members that have multiple rack berths and for example 2 kayaks must register the second kayak with another member (e.g. partner) that will be using the craft.

Last updated 18:48 on 23 February 2023

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