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Kayak share scheme 2021

For a single one off payment at the beginning of the season, you can use a kayak for from £21 for the whole season.

SSC kayaks A, B, C and doubles E, F and H will be available for this scheme.

Note: Kayak H is not a sit on type Kayak and has spray deck and is for experienced Kayakers over 18 only.

Members Only

Kayaks will be available to use from 31st March to 31st October. SSC may limit the number of members in this scheme
Kayaks will not be bookable, so use is on a first come first serve basis.
Kayaks must be booked out on Safety sign on and off sheet with details of planned area, time out and estimated return time.
Buoyancy aids must be worn when kayaking.
Paddles are stored in the cage and must be fixed to the kayak with leash provided.
Single hire fee will be invoiced via Swanage Sailing Club Manager.
(no cash).

1. Hire fee: £21 for 1 kayak 1 nominated member. One named individual can use a kayak for 7 months.
2. Hire fee: £32 for 1 kayak maximum of 3 nominated family members. Any of the 3 named members can use a kayak for 7 months.
3. Hire fee: £42 for 2 kayaks 2 nominated members. Two named members can use 2 kayaks for 7 months.
4. Hire fee: £64 for 2 kayaks maximum of 6 nominated members. Six nominated members can use 2 kayaks for 7 months.

Members who have their own kayaks and would like to pay for hire of kayaks so they can go out as a group with guests or extended family who are not members. Please note. Members can lend their own kayaks to non-members but must not let the club kayaks be used by any non-members or members not nominated in the kayak hire agreement. A guest or non-member can be a passenger in the 2 man kayak as long as a member is with them in the boat.

Note on fair use of kayaks
The trial scheme is a low admin option (i.e. one off payment) rather than a booking and pay as you go type scheme. We hope that members will use the kayaks in a fair way, for example if another couple turn up on the same day wanting to use the kayaks they will share the time available.
To register interest please email:

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Last updated 08:56 on 5 May 2021

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