Social Sailing Groups

There are two social sailing groups which meet at different times.

Group A: communicates through email and text.

Group B: communicates through members only FaceBook.

Group B: communicates through WhatsApp.

Group A: Social Sailing FFG Group –  Derek Boorn

Part of Derek’s amazing sailing forecast plan.

“Our Social Sailing group A” is only interested in sailing during the week, or weekends if no other club activity is taking place, in the mornings, when winds are less than 16 knots. This attracts dinghy sailors who enjoy the true nature of ‘Social Sailing’ and who enjoy the flexibility provided by our communication system to take advantage of suitable weather conditions that appear with only a couple of days notice. This gives us a big advantage over a system whereby a regular mandatory time slot is allocated in the Club’s sailing calendar without regard to future conditions

Our group, which numbers approximately a regular 30, has a complete mixture of dinghy sailors from the older age group, those with physical restrictions, racers who just want to ‘chill out’, those new to the club who want to practise their new found skills in calmer weather conditions with the ‘old and bold’ keeping an eye on them and finally those with no dinghies of their own who just want to crew, chat and have a plastic mug of wine out on the water whilst putting the World to rights.

Our system we would also agree is the ideal tool to help co-ordinate at short notice ‘Out of the Bay’ excursions or anything else that would require suitable weather conditions.

Derek Boorn (email hidden) – login to see email.

Group B: Social Sailing Group – Mike Cemm

“Our Social Sailing group B” regularly sails on Friday afternoons and TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) evenings and any other day it is great for Sailing. We tend to sail in stronger winds than group A. 10 – 20knots (F3 – F5) and on Friday evening we organise a rescue boat. We post the weather forecast and time to meet on FaceBook and members post a response. We often organise BBQ and Bar after sailing in the summer or hot drinks out of season.

Group C: 13kts + Group  – Klaus Harris

The 13kts group organise themselves via a WhatsApp group and sail mostly during the week ad hoc when the wind and tide are right. Preferred winds are 13kts+ and we do go out in lighter winds too, and sail throughout the whole year.

There’s no safety boat cover with this group but we assist each other with launch and recovery. The group is welcome to all and to join, please email Klaus at:, sharing your mobile phone number which is needed to connect you to the WhatsApp group. You’ll need WhatsApp on your phone too.

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