Next Sailing Events

28/04/18Junior Training 40830
29/04/18Spring Series 5 of 1011008
01/05/18Adult Training 51800

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Upcoming House Duties

When I published house duties this week there were some duplicates which I had to remove. Please check the upcoming duties on the website or on Dutyman.

You should only have to do two duties, if you see yourself down for more, please get in touch:

There are still a number of duties seeking volunteers and I will try the volunteer route before allocating in the next weeks.


Help for Duty Self Allocation

Two people have mentioned that they can’t see the duties that they have signed up for through the self allocation process. This is because the duties won’t become visible on the normal Dutyman duties page until they are published. We are currently still in the self allocation period.

The best way to sign up for duties is to log in to Dutyman (note I can’t reset your Dutyman password) and visit the self allocation form page. It should all be self explanatory after that and you should be able to see the duties you have signed up for.