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Home / Sailing / Virtual sailing

Virtual sailing


This page aims to give you some ideas for where to start. It isn't an exhaustive list and please contact me (webmaster) to make suggestions or offer tips.

My advice is; for a quick blast try any of the quick games, sailboat championship is probably the most fun and would appeal well to children. For very easy quick racing try the yacht racing game, for real racing it'll be virtual regatta. For a full sailing simulator, also with racing go with Sailaway Simulator.

Learn some rules

Sailing right of way

Platforms: Android

This is very limited in scope (ISAF rules 10 and 11) but it'll help you understand and recognise those rules. Single player.

Quick games

If you only have a few minutes spare for a more arcade style blast try these games.

Top Sailor

Platforms: Android, iOS

An easy offline single player game with rudder and mainsheet controls only. This'd be good for kids or a quick blast.


Platforms: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows

An easy to learn and quick to play online only game. Windward Leeward only courses. Quite hard as the online players are good, and sometimes dodgy rules interpretation. Rudder control only, auto sail trim, gusts and windshifts. Since the resolution is scaled, it doesn't always look great on computers, works ok on tablets though.

Yacht Racing Game

Platforms: Android, iOS

Offline single player game. Rudder only with auto sail trim, gusts and windshifts. Simple and fun.

Sailboat Championship

Platforms: iOS, Android

Single and multiplayer online play. This is pure arcade style sailing, mainsheet and rudder controls, fast races and good for a quick blast.

Accurate Racing

Virtual Regatta RYA approved

Platforms: iOS, Android, Mac and Windows in the web browser.

Virtual Regatta is an exclusive partner of the "World Sailing" federation and of the "eSailing World Championship" and also in the UK working in cooperation with the RYA who are promoting this e-sailing game.

This has everything you'd expect to see in racing. Read more on the RYA page about the game.

See some Virtual Regatta Tips from Sam Whaley by clicking here.

Sailing Simulator

Sailaway Simulator

Platform: Mac, Windows (see more below).
Free version available

Sailaway is a sailing simulator with world real world geography, accurately simulated oceans and close to real time weather. It also has a large active community of sailors and sailing enthusiasts, who race online.

Sailaway has a system in place that will display a start line, race buoys and an automatic finish line. The race agenda is full of races that are organized by the community of sailors. There are long distance races that will take several days or even months to complete. And of course there are also shorter races where there is more direct interaction between the boats.

There's a learning curve but if you're looking for the most accurate sailing sim out there, I think it's this one.

How to buy

There are two places to buy. The recommended place to buy is the website. People can download a free version, experiment with it and only proceed to buying if it is indeed something they want. There are two versions to choose from after users have played the free version:

Basic and Pro. The differences are explained on this webpage.

The alternative is to buy on the Steam platform. People who play a lot of games on their PC often use the platform Steam to buy and organize their games, however, on Steam, only the Pro version is available. Steam has a refund policy where you can return the title within 14 days if you haven't played it for more than 2

Last updated 18:48 on 23 February 2023

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